AIoT Infinity Box

Unlock boundless opportunities with the exclusive AIoT Infinity BOX ecosystem. This unique platform integrates an immersive toolkit, student portal, teacher portal, and the strength of community collaboration to create a highly engaging and effective learning experience for both students and educators in the realms of electronics, coding, IoT, and AI education.




An economical & portable makerspace to create electronics / robotics / IoT / AI projects




Eliminates the need for regular auditing & continuous replenishment of inventories.



Infinite possibilities for any age at any level.



Modern and Intuitive

Product Features

Are you ready to unleash your creativity? Discover the AIoT Infinity Box, a learning device like no other. This unique box is filled with endless possibilities and opportunities to explore electronics, STEM, Robotics, IoT and AI projects. It supports learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced creators. With the AIoT Infinity Box, you can bring your ideas to life and create amazing projects that will amaze your friends and family. Get yours today!

Thoughtful & Innovative Circuit Design

Learning electronics, STEM, IoT and AI concepts has never been easier than with the AIoT Infinity Box. Our board is packed full of features, including a Raspberry Pi, Bread Board, Display Unit, 17+ sensors, and much more! With our innovative circuit design, you can start experimenting and learning right away, without the need to collect and manage small parts individually. Join the Infinity Box community and start exploring the possibilities of AI and IoT.

Box of Inifinite Possibilities

Pricing Plan


CAD 400

One Time

Students App

CAD 30/Year

CAD 3/month

Teachers App

CAD 100/Year

CAD 10/month

Our Team

Founder CEO

Mausam Arora

On a mission to take STEM education to 1 million learners

A high-performance and dynamic professional with extensive background experience in the international technology and educational field.

Head, Marketing

Dr. Prashant Singh

Believes deeply in the transformative power of education in shaping our future

An articulate and resourceful healthcare and dental professional with a background in business administration and marketing.

Head, Operations

Sudha Kangala

Strong interest in streamlining educational processes

A skilled professional with extensive human resources, administration, CSR management, and stakeholder engagement skills.

Head, Logistics

Abdul Sattar

Focused on ensuring that STEM education reaches every curious mind

A dynamic and self-motivated entrepreneur with an extensive experience in logistics management, transportation, planning and strategy.

Head, HR

Dr. Neha Thakur

Dreams of empowering educators and learners to embrace change

Dr. Neha Thakur holds expertise in many areas of building and implementing processes using comprehensive research activities.

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